We have the classes that can get you certified to be both!

Do you want to be a groomer or a veterinary Assistant?

Grooming Part 1

​20 Classes $890

​mon-wed 6:30pm-9:30pm

​This class was designed for the individual interested in becoming a professional groomer. The first 10 classes are designed as a lecture. The last 10 days will be hands on grooming. You will learn basic animal anatomy, restraint, basic veterinary medicine, pet CPR and first aid, vaccination, nail trimming, ear cleaning, instruments of use, sanitation and cleaning, and business management. In additional you will learn how to groom a cat, dog and birds!

​First Session June 5th-July 11th

​* First 10 classes will be held at night Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30pm-9:30pm at the groomery. After the lecture series is done we will provide a one on one schedule with every to groom so that you have a more personalized experience while grooming a dog.

​* There is a $150 non-refundable deposit due at registration

​* Full payment is due a week before the first day of class

Second Session Aug 7th-Sept 11th

​class 1: Introduction to Grooming

​class 2: Bathing, Brushing, and drying of cats and dogs

​class 3: Basic Veterinary Medicine

​class 4: Instruments

​class 5: Cat Grooming/Dog Grooming

​class 6: Breed Profiles and Mixed Breed Styling

​class 7: Career Building Skills/Business management

​class 8: Pet CPR and First AID Certification

class 9: Hands on example of grooming a cat and dog

​class 10: Final Exam and Certificates

​Next 10 classes or 30 hours will be in the groomery and will based on the individuals schedule. This will be a one on one experience in which the individual will see how grooming is done and will groom themselves.

​* There will be 3 certificates given during this class. One for passing Pet CPR and First AID, next will be for completing the lecture part of the class and the third for completion of the whole class.

​There is a $150 non-refundable deposit due at registration to hold you spot. full payment for class is due one week prior to class start date or your spot will be given to the next student waitlisted.

​Please Contact Us via phone or email and we can sign you up!

Grooming Part 2

20 classes or 60 hours @ $675

​To be scheduled around students schedule

This class is designed to give the inexperienced groomer a more hands on feel to grooming. You will work one on one with a groomer to see how each groomer works and different styles and techniques. After completion of this course you will receive your certificate to acquire your Suffolk county grooming license.

​Pre-requisite for this course is either passing grooming part 1 or have a similar certificate from another grooming college.

​Veterinary Assistant classes coming soon...